Windows 7 on a 7 year old desktop

Uh oh, two Win7 posts in a row.

Test box:  A Sony Viao desktop from mid 2002.  It came with XP w/o any SPs.  It has a 1.3 GHz Celeron S (based on Pentium III), 512 MB (original)  RAM, onboard Intel graphics, onboard Realtec network, DVD ROM and CD r/w.  The hard drive failed a while back and was replaced with 100 GB and an old wireless card was tossed in some time back, other than that it is stock.  The box was originally sold as a multi media machine for $1300 from Fry’s in April 2002 and included mouse, keyboard, 15″ CRT,  speakers, and included a free HP scanner.

I am using Win 7 build 7057.

Install was left unattended and it was done when I got back, unsure how long it took other than to say less than two hours.  Machine booted to 8 bit 640*480 video.  Windows update installed drivers for onboard sound and onboard network.  This left only the graphics driver not supported.

Intel never released a Vista driver for the graphics, the XP one won’t install.  Other than that, all hardware was supported out of the box.

Win7 actually works on a 640*480 screen, this was a surprise.  The machine is a little slow, but not unusably so.

The install of XP that was on it was about 4 years old.

Verdict: Windows 7 ran about as fast as a 4 year old install of XP.  I was able to surf the web in IE 8 and play MP3s in WMP.  To be usable this machine would need a $40 video card and $25 worth of RAM.  Overall, I am impressed.

Now I am off to see if Windows Home Server will work on the box.


One thought on “Windows 7 on a 7 year old desktop

  1. If Microsoft actually released a new Windows that is less of a resource hog than the old, this would be a good thing.

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