Linux Mint 6 KDE CE RC1 To Be Released

Keep an eye on this page, it should be released at any time.  KDE is back and it is better than ever.

I checked out the newly released Debian 5, it comes with KDE 3.5x and it is screaming fast and well put together.  If you are afraid of change and want a stable and fast system, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

But for those who want to move into the new era of QT 4, Mint 6 KDE CE is the way to go.  I expect it on Monday.  I got my hands on an advance copy and put it on my laptop.  After playing with it for a few hours…making sure that wireless, power management, and easy customization were available…I went ahead and overwrote my Windows partition and gave over the laptop to it.

So far, no regrets.   In my mind, the thing that sets KDE above all others it the applications…Amarok, Digikam, and K3B are all better than anything available on any other desktop (yes, I am aware that this is subjective).

Even though this is an RC, in two days of heavy testing I have not really found any bugs with the Mint release.  And this is from one who thought that the Mint devs had made a serious mistake in going with KDE 4 with this release, I did not think it was ready and I had underestimated the prowess of the lead Mint KDE dev, Boo.  I really thought that Mint should skip this CE release, after all the prevous release was great, and focus on getting the Mint tools ported to QT and getting ready for the next release…I was wrong.  And never has it felt so good to be so wrong.

The KDE devs deserve props for doing what they knew to be right in the face of opposition from the community.  I know they took a lot of undeserved heat from folks, some of it downright nasty, but they stayed above it and persevered despite the naysayers…all I can say is; “Great Job!”

To Boo for his thankless devotion, to Clem for demanding what he knew was possible, I say kudos and props, you’ve earned it.

Now go follow the above link, see if the release has happened yet.  It is a live CD so you can check it out without making a commitment.

Edit: Hmmm….  Maybe it won’t get an official release, you can download it here.


One thought on “Linux Mint 6 KDE CE RC1 To Be Released

  1. Thanks for the entry –

    I’ve been using KDE based Linux systems for some time, including Kubuntu, and I must say they’re a blast.

    Will check the above link when I get home.

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