Schwarzenegger Should Resign…Now!

Arnie ran for election on his supposed ability to fix California’s budget mess.  Now, six years later and we are worse off than ever.  Today’s problems rest solely at the feet of the Governater.  Anti-tax but not anti-spending, revenue goes down as expenditures go up.

Arnie had six years to come up with solutions, but he failed to negotiate in good faith.  His main solution has been borrowing, when we borrow in good times, what happens when things go sour?  This is what we are finding out now.

Whenever it came time to negotiate, he refused.  He wanted to go over the legislatures head to the people with initiatives.  But he failed to sell them to the populace and they failed…repeatedly.  He had all of our eggs in a single basket and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

His newest scheme is to borrow from future lottery winnings.  You know, those funds that we have set aside for education.  He wants to steal the money from education’s future and give it to the prison industrial complex.

As our state, once the most prosperous in the nation is being forced to its knees by a governer with no sense of urgency.  As our economy crumbles, all he cares about is the wealthy.  Fight against taxes while people are hungry.  Expand prisons while defunding universities.  Expand prison guards while laying off teachers.

If his goal was to take one of the wealthiest places on the planet and turn it into a third world nation then he succeeded.  If this was not his goal, then he should leave Sacramento today.  You’ve hurt us enough…just go.

Edit: So they passed the tax increases…the wooshing sound is more businesses packing up and leaving California.  Everywhere else in the country they are trying to put more money into the hands of consumers, but not here.  Here, just when we are hurting the most…let’s take more of their money.

The tax increases that I am aware of are a penny sales tax, twelve cents gas tax, and two percent income tax…for me this adds up to about an extra $700/year.  Just when I am taking a pay cut to let my employees keep their jobs…

I took a 15k/year hit in the paycheck last year…now the state thanks me with a host of tax increases…gotta love this state…