Google, what’s up?

googleCapture, originally uploaded by foggytown1.

I can’t search google this morning.

Every search result on is showing that “This site may harm your computer.”

Even when you search for “google” and click on, you get routed to google’s malware warning.

I can’t find info about the problem anywhere online. I have verified the issue on Firefox, Chrome, and Firefox all on Vista.

After I make this post I will reboot into Win7 to see if it is the same.

Edit: I verified it with Win7, it is the same.  I did find that if you refresh the results the malware link goes away.

What is going on?

Edit 2: The issue seems to be fixed now.  But I have found something far more ominous with this issue.  When I first found the problem I searched google news for “google malware” in an attempt to find what was wrong.  There were no results that were pertinent to the issue.  But, as soon as the issue was resolved there were lots of items…this smacks of news censorship on google’s part…is it time to begin moving my data off google’s servers?


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