KDE on Windows

I’ve been hearing about this project for quite some time…but I hadn’t heard how it was progressing in quite some time. Last I heard they had Amarok running but it did not actually play music.
Today I had some time to waste, and I stumbled across the KDE for Win website, so I gave it a try.  I put it on my laptop as I expected it to bork my system…and I would much rather rebuild my laptop than my desktop.  I downloaded the KDE installer and that gave me the option of installing a bunch of  packages.  I chose Amarok, Digikam, Games, and some others.  To my surprise it downloaded and installed them, much more surprising was that the applications ran!!  I played some games, they were good.  I opened and configured Amarok but I only had a few albums on my laptop so I could not test the library management features.  Same for Digikam, no picture collection to play with.  I decided that if I could get the KDE stuff to uninstall I would go ahead and install it on my desktop…I found that if you run the installer it unintsalls fine.

So I put Amarok and Digikam (with Kipi plugins!) on my main desktop.  I have about 5000 pictures and more than 20000 songs, so I really appreciate good management tools.  And both of these are best of class.

I was amazed by how well they run.  They are close to “being there”.  I loaded up my libraries and actually have them both running.  There are still missing features but I don’t know if they have yet to be implemented in KDE 4 or if they are waiting to be ported to Windows.

I bring this subject up because if you are a fan of KDE and its apps, you should really check this project out…it has come a long way…

I believe KDE has large goals for Windows…even hoping to replace the Windows shell some day…

I wish them well and thank them for the work they have put into making this possible…a job well done.

Edit: (in response to a personal email) No, neither Amarok or Digikam are ready for prime time.  There is something called kio slave that keeps crashing.    Both apps load the library but are slow and somewhat unstable, not all features are implemented.  Amarok is closer to primetime than Digikam.


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