Backlash and Proposition 8

So I am up early this morning and surfing the web, I notice there is still a fair amount of chatter about Prop. 8, so I thought I might weigh in with my 3 cents on why it passed.

In California it is almost always the side that raises the most money who wins, fundraising determines everything…the best democracy money can buy.  I do not remember a single initiative that has gone against this, until now.  The no on 8 folks out raised the yes folks by almost 2 million dollars–37.6 million to 35.8 million.

This fact alone tells me that California does not want gay marriage, they went against the money, there it is; we call it democracy.

What I don’t get is where did the no folks spend their money?  I heard many yes on 8 ads daily on the radio…I don’t recall a single no on 8 radio ad.  This means that the no folks did not run ads on conservative radio or it means that the ads were so bland that they are not memorable.  To be honest I don’t know which is the case, either way, it comes down to sloppy campaigning.

In 2000 Californians voted overwhelmingly to define marriage as between a man and a woman, this was the inertia that the anti 8 folks knew they were up against.  But they paid no mind, they ran a luckluster campaign, I guess they thought they could coast to victory…they are idiots.

Election day I saw folks at every corner in Berkeley opposing 8, but right next door in El Cerrito there was a yes on 8 person on every corner…right next door.  The latte drinking Berkeley folks could not be bothered to drive 1 mile to oppose 8, WTF?  Did they think 8 was going to pass in Berkeley?  Are they stupid, or just ignorant?  The mormons bussed in canvassers, could not the gay lobby car pool to the next town?  If they can’t even campaign in El Cerrito how did they expect to win in El Centro?

Immediately AFTER the election the gay folks got excited.  Excuse me dumbass, it is kind of late now.  Mass protests, yadda yadda yadda…to late…maybe someone should have explained to them how an election works, they obviously did not get it.

The opposition to 8 seemed tepid at best.  Knowing the previous vote had gone against them, knowing the other side was organized, knowing this was the defining civil rights moment of our era…they blew it.

It seems the gay community is happier protesting as outsiders than actually doing what it takes to win.

Quit whining, start collecting signatures, the road ahead is made steeper by the ineptitude that was displayed this year, but it is not insurmountable.