Vacation Bound

Work is slow…forcing me to three weeks without pay heading into the holiday season…ouch.

So I  am off to Missouri for some low key R and R.  Low key and cheap is the key.

It should give me some content for my flickr stream.

I am leaving Friday night/Saturday morning and taking the southern route through Arizona and New Mexico…a small peice of Texas and the Oklahoma panhandle into Kansas and Missouri.

I won’t go so far as to call it a vacation even though it does involve a multi state trip.  For I have no extra cash…ouch…but the dogs are into it.

I do get to see the Bottle Rockets in Columbia on December 6, that is exciting…Thanksgiving with Mike and the Popster is cool, and the dogs will enjoy the visit, they may be more into it than I am.

I hope gas stays cheap.  I may post while I am gone…or I may not.