Just a couple of quick observations.

I drove through Oakland last night shortly after the election was called.  Wow, folks were excited…at MLK and Alcatraz there were a hundred people in the streets…dancing, hugging, crying, and generally whooping it up.  A sight to see.

Palin did not cost McCain the election…he had no chance regardless who he chose as his running mate.  Palin was a hail mary pick, hail marys seldom work.  McCain lost because he never got back to angling for the center, he played to his base and his base voted for him, the center did not…no big surprise there.

Prop 8, gay marriage.  We just voted on this a year or two ago, gay marriage lost big.  Then the courts stepped in and said we don’t care about your vote, we are making it legal.  Prop 8 was a backlash against the courts overturning the will of the voters.  This was more anti-activist judges than anti-gay.  It set civil rights back 20 years and you can thank the California judiciary for that.


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