i-Roast sucks

A bit whiny, but I want to put it out there anyway, consider linking back to this post with the word “i-roast”.

The i-Roast is made by Hearthware, an Illinois company, I was initially fairly happy with the product, then I had to order replacement parts…

On August 8, 2008 I placed an online order with Hearthware for 3 replacement parts for an iRoast 2.  The parts were Chaff Collector Lid, Chaff Collector Base, and Glass Roasting Pot.  This transaction was given order number 300119 by Hearthware.

The order arrived August 21 missing the Collector Base.

On August 22 I called Hearthware’s customer support line, it took 45 minutes to reach a live person.  That person put me on hold.  I waited on hold for 30 minutes–there was no music or voice prompts or any other feedback to know if I was still connected.  I hung up and called the support number again, waited another 30 minutes and asked what I needed to do to make a return, she wanted to put me on hold but I would not do it, she claimed that she was unable to help me.

I then sent an email to:  steven@hearthware.com, janet@hearthware.com, romina@hearthware.com, repair@hearthware.com, service@hearthware.com, customerservice@hearthware.com.  Where I explained the situation and asked for a return authorization.

On September 1 I received a phone call from Hearthware, they apologized for the service and told me to return the items for a full refund.

On September 2 I mailed the items back to Hearthware at a cost of $8.11.

On October 29, I called Hearthware’s support number, waited the accustomed 30 minutes and asked why I had not received my credit yet?  They said they would make it happen shortly.

The same day I received an email stating that they had credited my account the amount of the items but had not credited me with shipping and handling in the amount of of $16.85.

I called Hearthware support again, waited the long accustomed 30 minutes on hold and was told shipping and handling was never refunded, that it had something to do with the fact that it was an internet order.  I asked to speak with a supervisor.

I then talked to a person who identified herself as Romina, a support supervisor.  I explained that I did not return the items because I did not like them, but that I had returned them because they were not usable without the missing part.  I further explained that I had gone through extraordinary efforts to get the order fixed before finally returning it.  Romina then offered to refund $3.85 (this number may be incorrect as I forgot to write it down).  I stated that I wanted the full amount and was told no, and to “take it up with my credit card company”.

In the September 1 telephone call Hearthware agreed that the problem was theirs and that there would be a full refund, no mention of a partial refund.

Well…I did not want to take it up with my credit card company, so I took it up with the Illinois Better Business Bureau, I’ll let you know what happens.