The Cycle is Complete

Welcome to the New America, a fascist state.  With the merging of the political and economic elite, the cycle is complete–and we have been had.  The American populace (the “good” Americans) sits idly while our government seizes the economy.  I am thankful for the first time that I do not have children, I will never have to face the day when my grand kids ask “why did you do nothing to stop it?”

Congressional members have stated that their constituents contacting them have been against the splurge by a factor of up to hundreds to one.  Still no one came forward to make the case to the populace.  Goebbels would be proud, create a crisis and drive it home, fallout be damned, they are but sheeple.

Could not my representatives have made the case for the splurge?  Could no one be honest about the situation?  There are none that I am aware of that supported a global recession, most people are reasonable.  So why then could not a few hours have been set aside to explain this to the populace, if things were truly as dire as the economic elite claimed, surely the people would understand.  But no one made the case, why?

Because the political elite have sold us out, and they sold us out at bargain basement prices.  Welcome to the new Amerika.

The German Die Zeit had an interesting piece a week ago (translated here)–basically stating that the Chinese had us over a barrel.  They threatened to drop the dollar if we did not pay up.  The political elite have sold us out to their Chinese masters.  No wonder no one would make the case to the public, we would have risen as one and hung them.

So what happens now?  We continue our downward spiral, we put ourselves further into debt until we become a third world nation of paupers and slaves.  We continue to scapegoat the Hispanic immigrant.  Never once will we fess up.  Obama, McCain–there is no difference, they’ve both sold us out and have done so in secret.

The stock market was not going to tank.  That is an easily uncovered lie.  Paulson, Bush, Pelosi and company have been running down the economy and market, if it was going to tank, it would have–but that was never the issue.  The issue was about debt (and debt’s inverse: credit). The issue was about the Chinese financial system taking control of our economy.  The issue was about a nationless ad hoc group of economic elites seizing the reins of government.

The US government must obtain more than $20,000,000,000 in credit every month. This is just for normal operations, it is built into the budget. We are currently in debt over $10,000,000,000,000 (that is 10 trillion). Some perspective:
A million seconds is 12 days,
A billion seconds is 31 years, and
A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

US currency is .0043 inches thick, meaning there are about 233 bills in an inch. If we had a million dollars in $1000 bills, the pile would be less than four and a half inches high. If we had a billion dollars in $1000 bills, this would be 1000 times higher or 375 feet. If we had a trillion dollars in $1000 bills, this would be yet 1000 times higher or over 71 miles.

Between the splurge and our regular borrowing habits, the US is adding about two trillion dollars to the debt this year.  Now we are surprised? They call it a crisis that no one could have predicted? Bull! This is the only outcome that could have happened. And the splurge does nothing to solve the problem, it simply puts it off a few months.

In the meantime our economic overlords simply wait…in the end they get it all.

The second revision of the US is upon us. Version 1.0 was basically 1776-1865, version 2.0 followed from 1865 to 2008, now we are at the genesis of version 3.0. What are you going to reply when future generations ask why you did nothing to stop it?


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