Proclaiming the “F” Word

I am starting to see that I am living in a fascist state.  Unless Obama comes out in the next 24 hours to oppose this privitization of public wealth, our Nation, come Monday morning will be a fascist one.
In contemporary usage the f word usually only means that we disagree with someone.  Through repeated usage the f word has been diluted–made synonymous with nazi–activist types often call the police or legal system the f word, kids use it against their parents for setting rules, and we all bandy it around quite freely.
This is not how I use the f word here.  Instead, I refer to it in its traditional sense:
Fascism:  “a political philosophy, it describes an authoritarian regime that exalts the state above the individual, readily resorts to military action to solve international disputes and seeks to control every aspect of the nation’s existence — political, social, religious and economic. ”

Unless GW suspends the elections, we do not yet live in a dictatorship, so perhaps neo-fascism would be the more proper term.

This whole bailout proposal is a sham.  This plan has been in the works for months, if not years.  All that was needed was a crisis–either manufactured or natural–to unveil it and ramrod it through.  Anyone who wants to debate this past Friday is labeled as wanting a depression and will, in fact, be responsible for it.  This is pure extortion.  Give us your credit card or else…no debate, no questions…only the echoing…or else.

Only a few are literate enough to understand the magnitude of the problem, not quite coincidentally they are the same ones who created the problem…and the same ones who now offer the “solution.”  And if you ask questions you are trying to cause a global recession.  What sort of Alice in Wonderland story did I wake up in?

Like many of the Bushies, Henry Paulson cut his teeth in the Nixon administration, in his case as a staff assistant at the Pentagon.  He then went to work for Goldman Sachs, where he worked himself up to CEO before being recruited by Bush to be Treasury Secretary.

Paulson could not see this crisis looming, but he can see clearly that $700 billion must be appropriated immediately.  And of course, let’s not forget…or else.

I see the entire crisis as being manufactured and magnified as a last grasp power grab by Bush & Co.

While the fascist state has been bubbling under the surface for many years, Bush has managed to bring about a complete transformation in less than 8.  Pity those, myself included, who thought he was dumb.

Who will be brave enough in the next 24 hours to challenge this?  Who has the stature to make the case to the public?  I’m placing my bets on nobody.

Edit: Holy Cow!  It seems that Polosi, Obama, and the rest of the DemoRats are prepared to sign on and turn the keys to the printing press over to the banks.  Only the House RepubliCants are standing in the way.  Obama seems to be falling all over himself to stay out of the way of this deal going through.  The signature issue of this season and I can’t tell the candidates apart.


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