Buggy software and poor implementation…

What is up with the folks at Apple?  Why do they think that my computer belongs to them?  I am sorry, but installing software on my computer without telling me is unacceptable…save that for your own minions.

So I made the mistake of installing iTunes…it brought along Quicktime…fine bundle your crappy software….  However, iTunes is so buggy that it repeatedly caused BSOD’s on my box (at least I now know that Vista can bet a BSOD).

But after install I had MobileMe, bonjour, apple software update (even though I told it to Not update itself), and a mobile driver…nothing that I asked for…nor want.  So I uninstalled the two apps…and it left programs spread all over my harddrive, it runs processes at boot…it is plain and simple malware, by any definition.  It did not add these craplets to the start menu, it did not place them where msconfig could disable them…no.  Instead it attempts to hide them, registry hacking or a complete format are the only way to get rid of them.

When did this become acceptable?  Who do these assholes think they are?  It is my computer, not theirs; so what gives?

Edit: And I thought it was just me, check out zdnet

It seems like with their increase in popularity that Apple is really becoming a big putz.  When was the last time this company got any thing right?