Moving Back to Windows

So I used Linux as my main desktop for a year (more like a year and a half), gave up on Windows for a while.  Now, I give up on Linux.  Why after a year would one give up you might ask…

1)Firefox–Flash–I do not know who is to blame, but I am sick and tired of having to fiddle with Flash everytime I click on a Youtube video.  Firefox on Linux sucks, nothing more to be said.  Except that there are no other usable options.  I am tired of re-installing Flash every day.

2) Sound drivers–Sure sound works out of the box, but no amount of fiddling will give me good sound.  Sound drivers work half assed, just got tired of it.

3) Lack of access to internet content.  Could not watch the Olympics on the net, could not watch the DNC on the net.  Can not use any of the video rentals on the net.  Sure this is the proprietary formats fault–but in the end who cares whose fault it is, I just want access to content.

4) The linux community holier than thou attitude.  Not the developers, but the users.  They spend their time thinking they are superior…puh-leez…get over yourselves.  If I wanted to deal with chumps like you, I would get a Mac.  If I ever have to deal with some child talking about Windoze Lusers, or Microshaft or any of the other childish crap you have to deal with on the Linux forums it will be to soon.

I do not dislike Windows, I dislike Microsoft.  Windows (even Vista) is great.  I will try Linux again…maybe next year…


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