Blue Mountain Releases Two New Albums

Midnight in Mississippi (new music) and Omnibus (previously released music) were released this morning–you can get them both from Amazon MP3 Download service in DRM-free MP3 files for $9.99 each.

These are the first Blue Mountain (I link to Wikipedia because the official Blue Mountain site sucks so badly) releases since 2002 and the first album of new originals since 1999’s Tales of a Traveler.

Back in the late 90’s Blue Mountain was a major influence in the (so-called) Alt Country movement.  Like most bands that get stuck with this label they are hard to categorize–somewhat country, they are more blues/rock fusion with heavy Americana roots.

Omnibus is re-recorded music from earlier in their career–I’ve only listened to it once, so I don’t have much of an opinion yet and haven’t had the time/focus to check out how much they’ve re-interpreted the songs.  One thing that did stand out is that there is much less distortion than the originals.

But Midnight in Mississippi I’ve listened to 3 or 4 times (currently got it blasting in the headphones) and can give some first impressions. This album–like their earlier works– yearns to be played through head phones.  I listened to this album a few times and could of taken or left it, but after routing it through head easily stands up to their earlier works.  Hudson’s story telling and progressive politics enliven this album as much as anything off of Home Grown (my opinionated pick for their best album).

If you are new to Blue Mountain, check out Omnibus as it is a good intro to the band.  If you’re a Blue Mountain fan, get Midnight in Mississippi and you will not regret it…