Splintering the web…one phone at the time…

Trying to ignore the iPhone, I didn’t pay much attention to this phenomena in the past.  But now I have a crackberry and see it everywhere.  What is “it”, you ask?  “it” is the splintering of the web caused by a propietarty company extending web standards on their own and  causing web developers to code specifically for it, and it is done by Apple Electronics, Inc.  It comes down to a repeat of IE 4.  If it was wrong when MS did it (and who can argue that?), then it is wrong when Apple does it.  I first thought of it the other day (yes I am slow) when one of my business tech magazines mentioned that the browser wars are on again.  It made no sense at first, after all we have the mobile net and the regular net, what is the beef?  The beef lies in that Apple has extended CSS and is asking developers to build sites “for the iphone”.  Remember when sites had stupid logos that said Made for IE?  Well now they have stupid logos made for iphone.  The same people who bitterly complained about MS are embracing Apple.

The problem is not that Apple added proprietary extensions to CSS, the problem is that web developers use them.  That is the issue.

Nothing original here, I was just out to lunch, the meme has been around since Apple announced the iPhone.

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