Entering the mobile age

(Just returned from vacation, will try to get some photos and comments published on that soon…but first…)

I just bought a Blackberry Curve from verizon…I am really impressed as I like it much more than I thought I would.

The iPhone 3g was released while I was out of town. I read the reviews, the gist seemed to be that it sucked, but it sucked less than other “smart” phones. I wanted one. I came home from vacation and set up my Windows machine for it..(transferred a copy of my music to it, installed the monstrosity known as iTunes, etc…) Went online to get an iPhone but you can’t buy them there anymore. Went to the nearest AT&T shop, they had a big sign..”iPhone 3g now available!” I went in and after a long wait for the understaffed shmucks working there to notice me, I said that I would take one, but they informed me that it would take 3 weeks if I ordered one. The big availability sign was a big fat lie. I went to another AT&T store, same sign, same wait. This reminded me why I hate AT&T so much.
So I went home and called my friendly neighborhood Apple store to check availability. After wading through an interminible voice mail system the phone just rang and rang, no answer. This served to remind me how I hate Apple for the way they treat their users, like children. Everytime I have to deal with Apple and their products I end up hating them more…
So I realized that the iPhone would not be good for me…two companies that end up pissing me off every time I have to deal with them–what’s not to like?
So I went to Verizon, I’ve never had to deal with them in the past so it was a neutral sort of expectation that I had going in. The sales people offered to help me as I walked through the door, they were friendly and courteous, not pushy, asking about my needs and desires and showing me phones that might meet them. I settled on a Blackberry Curve.

Wow, I love it.

I use google services: gmail, calander, docs, maps, and search. And lo and behold, they have mobile versions of each (docs is read only). They are fast and slick, I find it fairly impressive.
Verizon has had a 3g network for some time so their coverage puts AT&T to shame…and with a phone it is all about the coverage. And I also must admit that I would have been embarassed to use the iPhone in many places…due to Apple’s marketing it just oozes pompous ass.
I don’t watch movies or play music on my phone–it does both, but I can’t imagine that I will ever use it. The Crackberry lacks wi-fi, but with unlimited data at a fair price I can’t believe that I will miss it.
The phone was $150 with 2 year contract and rebate and with 900 anytime minutes and unlimited data it is $100/month–not bad.

So for anyone not wanting to drink of the Apple machine’s kool-aid–I highly recommend the crackberry.