OpenSUSE 11.0 Released

OpenSUSE has just released version 11.0.


I played with the GNOME beta for a while and this seems a significant upgrade.

I don’t use OpenSUSE these days…but for a long time it was my favorite distro. I even paid for a couple of versions back when it was still Suse Linux. It was OpenSusE which I used first to break the Microsoft addiction.

Even though I have since migrated to Linux Mint, I have a soft spot for this distro. They take way too much flak from the community for Novell’s pact with MS–to hear some people talk it was a deal with the devil.*

I am downloading the torrent and will install it in VirtualBox to see how it is progressing. OpenSUSE–like Fedora–is a cutting edge distro, use it to see where the desktop will be in a year. But–unlike Fedora–OpenSUSE usually gives me a modicum of stability.

*Note on above statement (useless rant to follow):
Fundamentalism in every guise is bad. I don’t care if it is Christians, Islamists, patriots, or open source software–it is all the same and it should be opposed. For sure, believe anything you want to…it’s your mind, do with it what you want. However, to publicly spout your own beliefs as being the only correct beliefs and to act on the “knowledge” that anyone who thinks different is misguided at best or even downright evil must be opposed in every way. Fundies can not be reasoned with–they are so entrenched in their beliefs that they can’t be budged. They refuse to even hear (let alone think about) anything that conflicts with their preconcieved ideas–by definition they are irrational.


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