Linux Mint 5 released

Release Notes


Another fine release of Linux Mint.  Unlike the current versions of Ubuntu/Kubuntu suspend works on both my laptop and desktop.  A first that makes me very happy.

However, while I find both KDE and GNOME to be equally usable…KDE apps are far and away superiour for my uses.  Amarok, Digikam, and K3B are all first class and have no equals on GNOME (nor anywhere else for that matter).

Since Mint is GNOME only (they have a “community edition” of KDE that runs a couple of months behind the main edition), I decided to install Kubuntu desktop on top of Mint.  While it did not go problem free, the problems were easily surmountable–there was a fair amount of time involved in uninstalling the GNOME apps (deleting the menu references for the ones that I was afraid to uninstall).  I am left with a lovely KDE desktop.

If you like GNOME–you will love Mint.  (To me it appears that GNOME is focused on the business desktop and KDE is going for the general market). Of course KDE 3 is a dead end, with development going into KDE 4.  And 4 is nowhere near ready for prime time.  It seems that the base is there, now they need to work on the apps and some finesse.

But my Mint 5/Kubuntu Hardy hybrid is the best of all possible worlds–kudos (and thanks) to all involved.

Edit: Before making my hybrid system I first tried standard Kubuntu.  It does not come with Firefox–installing it and getting the plugins and codecs to work together was a PITA.  Then I could not get Firefox integrated into KDE–PDFs would download and not open, GIFs would launch in an external viewer…one problem after another until I reformated.  I thought Kubuntu was reaching for parity with Ubuntu on this release?  If they tried at all, they failed (but I don’t think they tried).  The slavish adherance to one CD seems to be the main problem.


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