Vista, the view is not that bad…

Much ink (both real and virtual) has been wasted decrying the faults of Microsoft’s Vista OS.  While I don’t run it on my main box, I do run it on my game/media center box,  Back early last year when Vista was released, the graphics drivers sucked and gave the OS a bad name.  Since then, much has changed…for everyone but the pundits that is.

The Linux community (of which I am a part) is the worst offenders.  Most of them have never used Vista…they are ignorant and each time they open their mouths it proves their stupidity.  The Apple folks are just as bad.  Most of them base their views on Windows 98.

MS is a hulking behemoth of a company, it is fun to rip on them.  However, most people are using Vista without problems, so to tell them that Vista is a mess just does not jibe with reality.  You might get away with telling a blind person that black is white, but as soon as you try it with a sighted person you are seen as the ignoramus that you are.

I don’t like MS and I don’t like Vista.  I don’t like WGA and I don’t like vendor lock-in–that does not a sucky OS make.

So for the Linux zealots who are decrying Vista as a flop, who are seeing it as a boondoggle, kindly educate yourself before making the rest of us look as ignorant as you.

Sure I would like more compatibility with my older games.  But Media Center is far and away best of class…it is the one that all others seek to emulate.

I would like to see MS dry up and blow away as much as anyone, but telling lies that fly in the face of reality will not hasten that.


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