Why Are There No Conservatives?

Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are many that call themselves conservative…but are they? Small government, fiscal responsibility, individual rights, and a humble foreign policy; these are all conservative values. To this list we could also add protecting families and watersheds.

Today–in place of true conservatives–we have neo-conservatives, theo-conservatives and reactionaries; but nary a conservative can be found amongst them.

The neo-cons are liberals with a big business view. Like liberals they wish to change the world (hardly a conservative value). However, while the liberal wishes to use mutual brotherhood and understanding to change the world, the neo-con wishes to use the morningstar of overarching government and the quiver of battle fleets to enforce its will. The neo-cons may be many things, but conservative is not one of them.

The theo-cons wish to impose their Christianized version of sharia law on us. They wish to control what we see, what we hear, and what we do. They pick and choose small snippets from the bible supporting their fun house mirrored view of the world. Totally missing the Christ’s view of helping the poor and weary, they instead focus on our entertainment and values. Hoping to use the political pulpit and military force to hasten Armageddon, the theo-cons rarely stop to pay homage to the major tenets of Christianity, let alone conservatism.

The reactionaries are probably the oddest of those who take up the banner of conservatism. Made up chiefly of radio and cable talk show hosts and political hacks, reactionaries are a strange amalgamation of neo-con, theo-con, Republican and small town bigot. They think that they are politically informed, yet their views are a mess with little or no sense of congruity. They usually profess to wishing to return America to some rightful greatness, never understanding that their imagined America never existed outside of their own delusional thinking. Not grokking the fact that conservatism is an idea of hope, the reactionaries usually prey to our base instincts and fears.

The banner of conservatism is carried loud and high, so, why are there no conservatives?