Boy Does Parallels Suck

A while ago I heard that Parallels was added to the Ubuntu repos.  Cool I thought.  so I went to Parallels website and purchased two licenses–one for my Linux box and one for my Win box.  So far so good…$93 seemed like a good price.

Parallels uses the Element5 webstore…that should have been a hint….I had problems with them years ago via some Scansoft software.

So I installed Parallels into my Mint box, it installed correctly…it ran correctly…I attempted to install an OS into vm–half way through install my entire computer locked…and stayed locked…hard reboot.  Try again, same result.  Try another OS, same result.  WTF?

I went to Element5 and requested a refund.  The next day, no response, back to Element5 and request a second time.  No response.

I install Parallels into Windows.  Half way through install of PCBSD the app crashes, whoops gone.  No error, no message, gone. Attempt to install openSuSE with the same result.

Still no response from Element5–so I go to Parallels and request a refund.  Wait 3 days, no reply.  WTF?

I turn them into the BBB, get a response.  My credit card has been credited, along with a terse note not to use the software.  WTF?  The software does not work, how the hell would I use it?  Is this a joke?

I go back to VMWare workstation…works like a charm.

Do yourself a favor, spend the extra for a proven product…Parallels really does suck.


2 thoughts on “Boy Does Parallels Suck

  1. element 5 screwed my order up. i went to parallels and they fixed it by the end of the day and told me to keep an eye out for a new version. you could have also called their tech support. its free.

  2. But the question remains, does the software work as advertised? Certainly not for me.

    I did not try to virtualize Windows, maybe it will virtualize Windows. But who can afford to do that on a hobby box?

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