RIP: Larry Norman (1947-2008)

I just found out that Larry Norman died a few days ago.  (wikipedia  his website  Reuters obit).

He was the original Christian rocker.   My brother turned me on to him with the release of his 1981 Something New Under the Son.  I remember really liking it. A few years ago I ordered the album off of his website and have enjoyed listening to it since.

Larry’s solo career stated in 1969 with the release of Upon This Rock.  I listened to this album earlier today for the first time.  It is easily as good as Something New, it has a touch of the psychedelic sound to it ala early Traffic or the Turtles.

While this atheist can’t believe that he went to his Father’s house, I do know that he is suffering no more.  I can’t help but believe that his music will live on.  The inevitable tribute albums will introduce him to a whole new generation of listeners.