Welcome to the show, Mr. Nader.

Finally,  a candidate that I can get behind.  And to listen to the so-called lefties rant against him makes me hope that he throws the election to McCain.

Had the dems paid lip service to a progressive agenda, I am certain he would not be running.  But they have failed to do so.  The dems have control of both houses of congress, name me the progressive legislation that they have sitting on Bush’s desk?  What?  There has not been a single bill?  But how can that be?  Aren’t the parties sufficiently different?

Mr. Nader, I for one am glad that you are running.

In 2000 the lefties accused Nader of losing the election for Gore.  Bullshit.  Gore lost the election on his own.  Why did he not run on a progressive platform?  Why did he choose the right wing war monger for VP?  Why did he do jack squat for the environment during eight years of VP when he really had nothing else to do?

Run Ralph run…throw the bums of the ruling duopoly out.


One thought on “Welcome to the show, Mr. Nader.

  1. yo, long time no hear, see, feel, touch or read…. how are you old wise one? i tracked you down through your brother’s blog. i’m going to be a father around the fourth of july — Gaia’s due date. my partner, Fernanda, and i are living on an organic farm overlooking the mediterranean sea in italy’s calabria region in the south of the boot. I recently wrote a piece on the “nader” effect on the italian elections. an update on the disastrous election is coming soon. hope you are well john trapp and it would be great to hear from you again.

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