KDE Gets Some Mint Loving

Great to read over at the Linux Mint Blog that the KDE community edition will be getting more respect.

For those who are unaware, the Linux Mint KDE CE is maintained by community member Boo from Australia.  Unlike Kubuntu, this KDE edition is put together with the same love as goes into the main edition–it is not an after thought.  Without attempting to copy the main edition, the Mint KDE CE has beautiful artwork and a great default theme.  If there were no Gnome edition, this edition would be getting a lot more attention…and in my estimation, it would predominantly be positive.  The crew at Linux Mint deserve huge kudos for elevating this edition to more of what it deserves.

I run the main (Gnome) edition on my desktop and the KDE edition on my laptop, they are both beautiful and functional–the value added that Mint brings to this distro should not be under estimated…here’s looking to more stellar releases…


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