What we need to ask the candidates…

Will you close Guantanamo?  Will you end the secret renditions?  Is water boarding torture?  Will you end torture?  Do you believe in unilateral first strikes based on a hunch?  Will we join Kyoto or its successor?  Will we reinstate the ABM?  Will we hold off deploying an anti missile system until we know it works?  Will we push Israel to comply with UN resolutions?

All of the candidates speak of restoring our place in the world, but without specific answers, what does it mean?

2 thoughts on “What we need to ask the candidates…

  1. Hi Danny,
    Sure those are all issues.

    Make the illegals legal and that solves the so-called social security crisis.

    Iran? Threat?? What have you been smoking? Iran is a 3rd world nation, we have the best military the world has ever known. Iran is no (military) threat to the US. Of course we have become addicted to their oil, so they are an economic threat. In my estimation we should be acting nice to ensure the flow of oil while we figure out alternatives.

    China? You must mean the trade imbalance because China is not a military threat to the US either. Yes, I agree that it is a shame that our government over spends and must borrow from the Chinese. In my estimation we should be acting nice to ensure the flow of cash while we figure out how to balance a budget and get our debt under control.

    Russia? Ummm….that one’s over.

    Muslims? Do you mean some of them? Or all Muslims? I am quite sure that I am in much more danger from Christians than I am from Muslims. Now if you are talking about terrorists that break the law, then I believe that that is a police action. The War on Terror is a boogey man, it isn’t real. Yes some folks want to do great harm to us, we should track them down, arrest them, and put them on trial…I think that is how a free system is supposed to work…the whole do unto others thing…

    In the mean time, I really have much greater fears than immigrants, Iranians, Chinese, Russians, and even Muslims. I fear economic depression, I fear loss of civil rights by an out of control government, and I fear those wack jobs that deny such simple things as global climate change and evolution.

    Thanks for the comment Danny.

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