Scientology and the free flow of information…

So folks are mad that the cult Scientology has removed video of Tom Cruise embarrassing himself. The scientologists have always been secretive–that is one of the reason they raise such a backlash–the internet and its adherents do not like secrecy.

So now the “Church’s” main sites are under a DDOS attack. For a while they were erased from the internet. In the short term the attackers win.

In the long term, we all lose.

What serves to spread information–what serves to share the compiled knowledge of humankind–is good. That which serves to block information–is bad.

Rather than block the flow of information, a more compelling attack would be to share the info that the scientologists wish to block.

This is the way of freedom. Rather than censor to protest censorship, the anti-censor should spread information. Information is the key to bringing down the worst regimes (and as in scientology, the goofiest).

While temporarily blocking access to scientology is fun, it serves no larger purpose and brings the attackers into the same league as those they profess to abhor.

No, freedom is won through freedom. Free access is won through free access. Call off the attacks, hack their sites, raid their offices, post the information gathered. Allow them to respond. Rinse. Repeat as necessary.

I have no love for scientology, but I do love the free flow of information–even especially for those I disagree with.


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