Fedora 8–Impressions

Impressions–not a review. I finally got around to downloading and installing Fedora 8. Huge download, uneventful install. All of my hardware was detected and set up correctly–normal for this box as I obtained it with Linux in mind. It has an Nvidia video card, I haven’t installed the driver yet–waiting for software updates, want to wait in case the kernel is upgraded.

Back to those impressions I mentioned. The desktop is beautiful…very nice for Fedora. The desktop feels sluggish…this is a dual core AMD fast machine with 2GB of RAM…the entire box is slow to respond, apps take forever to load.

Oh yeah, the updated manager freezes every time I try to install updates. I’ve disabled the screensaver as that seemed to be making the freeze occur…Am trying it again–attempt 4. Four attempts, still no updates installed.

The new sound stack seems nice (and stable so far)–it will be nice when it finds its way to a more polished distro–and I don’t want to be to quick to criticize, perhaps it will be solid and speedy after the updates get installed–look for additions to this post.

Edit:  I did finally get the updates installed–the secret was to just let the update manager gui remain frozen for well over an hour, even though it was unresponsive and showed no progress, it was doing its job, albeit very slowly.  I installed the Nvidia driver, enabled compiz.

The interface was slow.  I click a menu, a second later the menu opens, click a submenu and wait.

My hardware should be fast enough to push the weightiest of distros, there is no way that Fedora could be that heavy, there must have been some problem.  I will stick with Debian based releases.