Who for president?

Since none of the above is not on the ballot…I have an “anybody but Hillary” hope for the democrats and an “anybody but Rudy” for the GOP.

The nice thing about the democractic race is that as Edwards stumbles we seem assured that the dems will nominate either a woman or a black guy–a first and it is hard to fault that.

But I really dislike Hillary…she is shrill, the right hates her–so we will continue divided…our nation needs healing and Hillary is not the person who can do it. And really, what kind of message does it send to young women, the first serious woman presidential candidate got there by riding her husband’s coattails….is that the message we want to send? So I truly hope she cracks and folds…anybody but Billary.

On the other side, Guiliani comes off as a fascist one trick pony. Has he ever answered a question without invoking 9/11? This guy comes off as more Bush than Bush–and that scares me. I really want a president that will denounce torture in all of its forms–Rudy is not that man. So anybody but Rudy. I would rather have Huckabe than Rudy. (I don’t think Huckabe is as right-wing as people think–he is just playing identity politics with his Christian beliefs, he comes off as a warm and personable soul.)

I will not get my wish of the election being between Richardson and Paul, so I must hope that the worst get weeded out.

Full disclosure: I don’t vote. I believe that I have every right to choose my own master…but I do not have the right to choose yours. And while you are contemplating that, keep in mind, you have no right to choose my master either.

I refer you to multiconstruct for one view on voting–start at the second paragraph


One thought on “Who for president?

  1. While i agree in large part with what John is saying here and i don’t vote either the Obama vs. Clinton thing has shown me that gender is a bigger deal than race. I have heard a lot of women can’t be president and haven’t heard anyone say blacks can’t do it. while some of the criticisms of Hillary are about her personally I also think a lot of it has an undercurrent of sexism. Not John though he’s hated Hillary since before she was a woman.

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