gOS…Good not Google…

The hoopla is beginning to reside. Two hundred dollar PCs at Walmart got everyone excited for awhile. The reviews have been basically good. The rumors had a Google OS, but it is really a repackaged Ubuntu–nothing to do with Google except that it utilizes Google online services. gOS, the site says it stands for Good OS (Edit: I’ve also heard it called Green OS, so who knows?).

Forsaking GNOME and KDE, gOS uses Enlightenment as its desktop management.

What I don’t get is the choice of included apps. Billed as lightweight, gOS then goes on to include some of the heaviest apps in the Linux arsenal. On my dual core 2 Ghz PC, OpenOffice is a dog, the first thing I do when I install Linux is uninstall that monster.

This is not to say that OOo is not a great product, for businesses it may be necessary and they can get modern hardware. For heavy distros like openSUSE it may be very adequate. But on an enlightenment distro that is billed as light?

Which leads next to Firefox. I love the fox, it is far and away my favorite browser. But it is stodgy, heavy, and slow on old hardware.

And what is up with the website of gOS (linked above)? Did they make it in iWeb? Why is the text images? I really do think they used iWeb to create the site.

With that rant over, I am currently downloading gOS to try it out….