Finding the Feds Irrelevent (at best)

Downright harmful at worst.

On Friday Ocober 26th I was served with a subpoena for the following Tuesday. This was to certify some medical records for the courts, I am doing them a favor, still they do not give me 2 full business days notice. The night before I am to drive down to San Jose at 8:30 PM, the US Asst. Attorney General calls and we work out a deal. I agree to be on call to drive the records down to San Jose with no notice, in return he promises that I then won’t need to go down and testify. He says he will call me the following day with details…4 days later he calls and I have to drop everything and drive to San Jose in the middle of the business day. Which I do. And then I assume that my civil commitment is over.

Just under a week later, the US aAG calls expecting me to go testify the following day. I say no, and he threatens me with a new subpoena and a long wait (perhaps days) of sitting in San Jose waiting to testify. So I am forced to agree to drive to San Jose again either today or Tuesday without any further notice. Basically keep my cell phone on and when he calls drop everything–business be damned–and drive to San Jose. Do you know what Bay Area traffic is like? The entire way is I-880 one of the most congested freeways in the area…and San Jose is the armpit of the Bay.

So now I am waiting….I may still be waiting tomorrow…I may be waiting till next Tuesday…they claim Monday is a holiday so I won’t have to wait that day. There ain’t no holiday Monday, how do I get a fat job with all of these made up holidays? Can someone tell me what holiday is Monday November 12th 2007?

So it is a giant pain in the ass. And then people wonder why the federal government is held in such disdain and let’s call it what it is…hatred.

This is a clear example of having a legal system and not a justice system. Just like in my field we have a medial system as opposed to a health care system. And the same people are responsible for destroying both: lawyers.

Edit:  Monday is Veterans Day.  I support phasing out the vets, not doing away with the ones we have, but the immediate stop to creating new ones.