Can a Leopard Change its Spots?

In less than a week Apple will release the next version of its operating system.  The faithful are predicting huge success….300+ new features!!  Oh joy.

The faithful are bashing Vista as a has-been wannabe.  Leopard, they say, is everything that Vista pretends to be.  Only idiots are using Vista…all of the intelligentsia are on Macs.  yes…Yes….YESSSSS!!!!!

You know the drill, we go through it every year or year and a half.  But I have a different take on it.

How’s this: The greatness of a new technology is not measured in the froth that it creates upon release, but in the degree to which it remains meaningful  five years later.

Haven’t we heard it before?  OS X 10.3 was heralded as oh so much more advanced than XP…you remember don’t you?  Where is the so-called Panther now?  Less then four years after release and it won’t run modern software.  But it was revolutionary, they tell me.

Maybe it is a Microsoft plot to make Apple look bad?  Maybe Balmer sabotaged Panther, or maybe bribed Adobe?  That must be it.   Except…

Except even Apple knows that it is out-dated crud, they don’t even support it on their own software.

But it was revolutionary, very advanced…it was the best ever.  Except it wasn’t…

It was hype….

…and so is Leopard…

Some flashy modal features do not a quality OS make….

I’ve been hearing it for years….first OS X was the best thing ever.  Then 10.1 was the best thing ever.  Then 10.2, and so on…

But they have already been relegated to the dust heap of history…long live  Cheetah ….Puma ….Jaguar ….Panther ….Tiger ….Leopard ….Calico?

And don’t bash me as an MS apologist…I am more than happy with my Linux Mint…elegance without the hype.


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