OpenSUSE 10.3 released

I downloaded both the KDE and GNOME CDs, burned the ISOs and I hope to get the time later today to install them on my laptop.
I’ve liked SUSE for quite some time. When I first tried to make the jump to Linux, it was SUSE that I tried. Even though it did not stick, I still have a fondness for OpenSUSE. I also think the OpenSUSE team get a bum rap from the Linux community.
People talk about Microsoft and Novel attempting to split the Linux community, but to me it seems that the GNU/Linux fundamentalists are the ones doing the splitting. Is fundamentalism always based in irrationality?
Fundies, weather they be of the Isamic or Christian bent, or of the Apple fanboy bent, or of the FOSS sort–they all suffer from the same disease. The disease manifests itself in the inability to listen, the inability to see the other side. And you cannot be rational with a fundie, best to turn away and go on about your day.
But this is not a post about fundies… I have an hour or two of work this morning (I am presently procrastinating) then take the dogs to the park, then maybe I can play with this new release.
Oh yeah, get openSUSE here.

And have a great weekend.

Update: openSUSE remains the best KDE distribution. I installed both the gnome version and the kde version on my laptop, they may take the prize for the longest install…perhaps even as long as a windows install. But you end up with a polished desktop that works. With that stated, I remain a Mint loyalist and look forward to future releases.


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