Al Gore, Kyoto, and…”is it getting hot in here?

…or is it just me?”

I read Gore’s book Earth in the Balance. I voted for Clinton/Gore the first time based on Gore’s statement that WTI would not operate under under a Clinton administration. WTI went ahead and fired up, Gore never mentioned the ideas in his books for 8 long years. Boy, did I feel like a sucker. I have not voted for president since.

Now Gore has a movie. And it is striking. I watched it, filed it away in the back of my head, and shook my head in wonder that Gore would be trying to climb back aboard the green wagon.

Then last week’s release of the IPCC “Climate Change 2007” report, I thought back to Gore’s slide-show….and the hockey stick charts…the same ones referenced in the IPCC report! Uh oh…

The IPCC Report (21 page pdf, executive summary). The hockey stick graphs are on page 15.

I guess the future of human kind hinges on exactly how long the oceans can continue to serve as a heat sink, once we cross that capacity, things will, assumable, get much…faster.

What kind of social/political/economic havoc will be caused by abandoning half our coastal cities while diking in the other half at huge expense?

I don’t think the majority of the US even believe in evolution….and this is a whole lot more complex…

It appears that Mother Earth is about to shake things up for these parasites that have ravaged her.