A couple of comments on the iPhone

This subject has been beaten to death in the last 24 hours.  All I have to add is: Bullshit!

There ain’t no fuckin’ way.

Let’s start with the price of $500 – $600 WITH a two year contract.  This makes it worth what?  $800?  $900?  $1000?  For a phone?  For a version 1.0 phone?  Right….they will be lining up for that.

My other point is that I don’t believe it will work as shown.  Apple is not famous for the ability to write light weight apps.  My computer, 3 GHz P4 with 1.5 GB of RAM and a 256 MB Video card can not push iTunes as it scrolls through album art.  What kind of hardware is going to go into the phone?

Excuse me for being somewhat skeptical, but don’t bomb my comments with hate….remember it is all opinion…we all have to wait for June to see if I am wrong.