I found it…

I found a computer to fit my needs.  I was actually pointed to it by January’s issue of PCWorld, from an article entitled Top Ten Value Desktop PCs.

The number one value desktop is by MicroExpress, the MicroFlex 66B, PCWorld has a short review here.

Had to do a few upgrades to meet my needs, but I managed to meet or exceed every criteria I listed previously–and I only went over budget by $38.

If this box lives up to the hope that I have invested in it; I will be happy indeed.  In fact, if the box lives up to my hopes, I will become MicroExpress’ biggest evangelist.

That  is the end of this subject until my box shows up.


4 thoughts on “I found it…

  1. Did the system live up to your expectations? I am looking for a new system as well and I am looking at the 66B as well. Tell me what specs you wnet with and if you would have done anything different in retrospect.

  2. Yes, me too. 2 months ago I wasn’t looking for a computer, but now I am, and haven’t found a better deal online in this price range than this.

    Looking forward to your update when you can post it.

  3. I am thinking of purchasing a Micro Express 66B and would appreciate hearing of your experienes. Which graphics board did you order your computer with? Thanks!

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