Still looking…

To quote a previous post, this is what I am looking for:

Something with basic hardware that supports Linux would be preferred.  I have a copy of Windows to transfer so it would even be great to get one with no OS or one with Linux preinstalled.

What do I want…maybe a Core 2 Duo with 2 GB’s of RAM, Gb ethernet, DVD Writer, lots of USB and firewire ports, X16 PCIe, midrange graphics card (minimum of 256 MB), and dump the legacy stuff (ps2, serial, parallel, floppy, and modem).  Lets not forget easy to work on with lots of room for expansion.  Oh yeah, $1000 is my budget.  I don’t need speakers, keyboard, mouse, or monitor.

After previously (see two most recent posts) ruled out Dell, HP, Apple, and the budget linux boxes; we can now add to the exclusion list Lenovo, and Gateway, among others.

Today I  surfed for small white box vendors who might meet my needs, but most of them would be better called small blue neon vendors…catering to the wannabe gamers.  I say wannabe ’cause you can’t be a real gamer on a $1000 pc.  While I found some worthy vendors, I just can’t see myself using a computer with windows in the case and neon light.

I also started pricing a build your own system….it would seem that for a mid-range conroe cpu, decent intel chipset on an namebrand board in a discreet case would run around $600 plus ram ($200) plus video ($200) plus DVD writer (70) plus time (???) plus no warrenty (???)….

Hmmmm……maybe I need to re-think my specs…any suggestions?  Should I look to AMD for the 64-bit dual core goodness?


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