Speccing myself into a corner…..

In my previous post I laid out what I wanted in a new computer.

I spent this morning reading the specs on Apple hardware.  I wish they made a computer to meet my needs.  I like their industrial design, I like the clean form, I like that they are Vista ready.  But damn they are expensive.  I know the mac folks think this is not true, but it is .  Read the previous post where I laid out what I need in a new computer, Apple does not make one that fits my needs; the closest I could spec out would be a 17″ iMac at $1500, way more than I intend to spend.  And there is zero upgradability.  The Mac Pro would meet my needs, but I am too poor.

When purchasing a computer, I am a firm believer in deciding what would meet your needs and then pricing it from there.  That is basically what these posts are about.

Lxer.com has a list of manufacturers that ship Linux PCs.  What a bunch of rubbish.  They mostly range in the sub $500 crap category or the +$2000 workstation category.  Neither of which meet my needs.

Am I atypical in my needs?  Did I set the bar too high?  Is it only the first tier Windows vendors who could meet my needs?  Did I spec myself into a corner?

Both Apple and Linux PC vendors play both ends of the market but leave much to be desired at the middle.  Still looking…..