MediaMonkey excels at music and library management

I recently rediscovored MediaMonkey and was pleasantly surprised at its capabilities.

I had used MediaMonkey in the past when I bought my ipod and wanted to get my id3 tags in order.  I discovered that even the free version is leagues ahead of anything else in auto tagging and other advanced management features.

iTunes 7 is a major resource pig.  Sometimes just to play an mp3 took nearly 100 MB of RAM–WTF?  So I had both itunes and WMP on the same computer, one for playing music and one for synching the ipod.  However it was not a perfect solution, I found even installing iTunes to be offensive, running background processes willy nilly, bringing my computer to a standstill.  Add to that the way that the itunes/ipod combo try to control your actions with your own music–ignoring the drm which I don’t use or believe in.  iTunes is the Windows of the music world.

WMP 11 was/is little better.  The store integration is unacceptable I never understood why music players attempt to sell you songs that are already in your library?  Will someone please explain that to me?

WMP and iTunes are nothing but adware.  Pure and simple, resource intensive adware.

So I recieved some music without tags and struggled to straighten it out.  After a bit I remembered MediaMonkey.  Yep it runs on Vista.

So I donwloaded and installed the free version and made quick work of fixing my id3 tags–so I decided to use the built in player.  It is not pretty, it is not elegant; but it is simple, easy and light on resources.  MediaMonkey uses less than a third  the RAM that iTunes uses to play an mp3 and about half of what WMP uses.

Not liking iTunes I have tried different replacements for iPod management, none were truly usable–either unstable or hard to use….as much as I hated iTunes, it was still the easiest to use.  Until now.  MediaMonkey does a better job of management than iTunes.  And they have no deal with the labels to attempt to lock you out of your own music collection.

And the tag editing is superior and second to none.  I highly recommend you give it a try.

My favorite music player is Amarok on KDE, MediaMonkey takes a strong second place–leagues ahead of the posers at the top.  Why don’t you give it a try?  You have nothing to lose but your frustration.