Not thinking it through….

Many are those who think that MS releasing many versions of Vista is bad.  Mostly FOSS zealots who claim to know so much about monopolies…these people wax meaningfully about the ins and outs of monopolies, but in reality they know nothing, they are simply taking their “feelings” about MS and pretending they are based in facts.  Their ignorance is glaring.

The many versions of Vista is MS being forced to differentiate its products.  This is due to health returning to the OS market.  MS still has a monopoly, but the choices show that it is no longer secure in that monopoly.

When you have a monopoly, you ship one product and people are forced to take it.  When you are a big fish in competition, you ship different models to compete for customers.  A one size fits all does not work in a competitive market.

So bring on the Vista versions, a much needed sign of life.  Linux is still slowly growing its mind share.  Suse is a kick-ass OS–now if the FOSS zealots don’t self-implode and destroy themselves, we will have competition.  Apple has much mind share.  If Jobs would stop with his smoke and mirror dog and pony show method of introducing products; sit down and offer a roadmap for OS X and its hardware, we could see some real gains.

Apple has a monopoly on Mac hardware, hence one product.  Linux is free and open with lots of competition hence many many versions.  I would suggest that the FOSS zealots read a little about the history and economics of monopolies so that they don’t come off as retarded…these folks are doing much more to slow linux adoption than the boys from Redmond are.

MS is doing all that it can to destroy its monopoly (WGA, DRM, price, etc…) it is only too bad that there is no one offering a viable alternative.

The only things maintaining MS’s monopoly is FOSS zealots and Steve Jobs.

I despise MS as much as most…but I will not be self deluded…