Death of Saddam: Small Fish in a Big Pond

So Saddam Hussein has been murdered executed.  Without a doubt he was a truly evil man.  Unfortunately, when it comes to crimes against humanity, there is one that stands out above the rest.  His name is Henry Kissinger and he is not being executed, he is not even being judged.

Hell, that evil SOB is on the news shows giving his oppinion on world events as if we cared what a mass murderer has to say about world events.  Pol Pot in Cambodia; Pinochet in latin America; these were his proteges, his henchmen.  These are the embodiments of true evil, and they are but henchmen to the master.

If Saddam deserved to be murdered executed, then Kissinger deserves to be skined alive.

Global justice; Iraq, Darfur, Somalia; it is all a sham….as long as Kissinger freely walks the planet.

Saddam did his worst when he was the henchman  of US imperialism in the gulf.  He was but a bit player in Reagan’s death porn show.  We sold him the chemical weapons, it is no secret.  He was but a bit player in the death porn industry, an industry head quartered in the USA.

Rest in peace Saddam, it is my sincere wish that Henry Kissinger will soon join you in hell.