Windows Vista on an Averatec C3500

This post is meant to save you the trouble of attempting to install Vista on an averatec convertible tablet pc.  It won’t work.  You can muck with it, install the XP drivers, click through all the errors, prevent startup applications, hack the registry…and almost make it work.  After a day of struggling I had everything working with the exception of screen rotation.

If you want to give it a try, get an external usb mouse ready before you start.  I did both an upgrade and a new install with similar results…I think I had more stuff working with the clean install.

Off the bat, no digitizer, scroll pad, or wireless–use MS update to get sound and video working, then install the other mentioned hardware using updated versions for XP from the averatec support page.  The software utilities from averatec don’t work, so not extra button support, no screen rotation.

Obviously Aero does not work with the crappy sis graphics, but it is peppy enough to use…if you can get past the no screen rotation thing.

If Averatec or MS make updates….and this suddenly works…let me know.


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