OpenSUSE Rocks…

All of the naysayers of the world–including the Shuttleworths–aside, this is far and away the best distro.  Kudos and props to all who have contributed to this outstanding OS.

So Novell made a deal with MS, how exactly does that impinge on OpenSUSE?  Or even SLED?  The OS exists temporally, it is a separate thing from Novell.

It does not matter what I think of Novell.  Let’s use a car analogy–always a poor thing to do when discussing computers, but…  I think, overall, Toyota makes the best cars on the planet.  If the CEO of Toyota was caught in a pedophiliac situation, would I buy a BMW?…or a Ford?  No, because Toyotas are things that are separate from my views of the company producing/supporting them.

I hate MS the company, but I love Vista.  I hate Apple the company, but I love my iPod.  I am indifferent of Novell, but I love OpenSUSE.

I come to GNU/Linux from a Windows background.  I have always preferred KDE.  But OpenSUSE 10.1 makes even Gnome a joy to use.  This distro just works.  And just works on a  wide variety of hardware.  OpenSUSE developers are the best.  If 10.2 is half the step forward that I think it will be, you folks will continue to dominate the headlines…despite the naysayers or because of them…it does not matter.  Your product rocks and all the detractors and back biters can not take that from you.  Keep up the good work!!