Election Eve

I did a search for “Why I don’t Vote”.

Tomorrow this god foresaken season ends. I am glad I don’t live in a contentious state, we are pretty solid dems here, so no one spends ad money locally. Thank goodness.

I actually feel more empathetic with the democrats. But let’s be honest. They are a bunch of incompitent shills. If they don’t sweep both houses of congress, they are sad sacks indeed.

Let’s see: Iraq, no Osama, Abramoff, Foley, Abu Graib, Rumsfield, Cheney, Iraq, DeLay, Plamegate, Guantanamo, etc…ad nauseum…

History (the last 100 years) teaches us that the out of power party always gains substantial seats in an off year election. So let’s add historical inertia to the list above.


The dems will be lucky to eke out enough seats to take one house majority…

They lack vision. The republicans have a plan. It is diabolically evil, but we can all agree that it is a plan. What are the democrats plan? Name a democrat that has successfully gotten their vision across to a broad spectrum of the populace? Not a one.

I don’t vote because there is one to vote for. I don’t vote because no one who seems as if they would truly represent me has ever been on the ballot. I don’t vote because I am sick and tired of choosing the lesser of two evils.

In America, or so I have been taught, the majority makes the decisions. In America the majority does not vote. What does that say about America’s brand of democracy.