Kerry stated the obvious

Kerry furious over new attacks

John Kerry said to a group of college students that they should stay in school and study hard to avoid getting stuck in Iraq.  The Republicans were furious…how dare he disparage our troops?

Kerry backtracked…I did not mean what I said, I was talking about the president, etc…

What a bunch of crap…

Of course the poor and uneducated become fodder for war.  That is the nature of war.  Our “all volunteer” military is based in economic conscription.  Everyone knows it, it is no secret.  Still we can’t mention it.  It gets talked about over every dinner table in America, but an elected official gets bashed for stating the obvious, stating what the other 300 million Americans take for granted.

What kind of Orwellian times do we live?

Wanna know the worse part?

It does not matter who wins next Tuesday.  Everything will stay exactly the same.  Our leaders hold us up as the free-est of the free…but it is all a dirty twisted ugly lie.  It was true once….but not in my lifetime.  The only free people in this nation are those whose existence has been so marginalized that they slip under the radar of the banks, the creditors, the large employers, and (hopefully) the criminal justice megopoly.  Every other person in this nation is a slave to their own life style.

It would be sadder if the majority were not a such bunch of wallowing hogs.

Yes, we send the poor to die for oil for our SUVs.  Everyone knows it….but lets not let on that the pigs look just like the people–you can no longer tell the difference.

The American dream has become a nightmare of debt, slipping wages, inaccessible healthcare, and let’s not forget the fear; fear of a government out of control.