10 Things I Love About Vista (RC2)

The caveat being that MS may flub these before the final release.

  1. The application by application volume control, very nice.
  2. Removing Windows Update from its IE integration, about time!
  3. Calender/Contacts, much needed.
  4. Windows Explorer, I like the different views, I like the favorite links (stolen from OS X), I like the breadcrumbs, mostly pleasant.
  5. Included applications are nice; IE, WMP, Mail, Photo Gallery—very nice competitive applications, no longer second rate.
  6. Performance. Even the RC2 performs as fast as XP on the same hardware.
  7. Backward application compatibility. I am glad that I don’t need to replace Photoshop 7 or Dreamweaver 8.
  8. Standard type home folders, just like every other multi user computer on the planet.
  9. The way that MS managed to improve the user experience without breaking with tradition—no mean feat.
  10. Start button/menu no longer looks like it was meant to work on a computer designed by a clown.