10 Things I hate about Vista (RC2)

The caveat being that Vista has not been released, these things may be fixed in the final version.

  1. Aero. The default theme in Vista is garish. While not as clown looking as XP, the default colors and transparencies are uninspired eye candy. I converted to windows standard theme after a couple of days…I like it.
  2. The shutdown/restart commands are hard to get to. MS has opted to make sleep easy to get at and the rest a PITA.
  3. The crippled home versions. Just like in XP, the home versions are going to be lacking features that will drive me crazy. Will I have to reboot in safe mode to change permissions?
  4. Media Center is over complicated, it lost the simple elegance that MCE 2005 had.
  5. Baked in DRM! Protected User Mode Audio, Protected Video Path, Rights Management Services, etc…
  6. Windows Genuine Advantage—caused me nothing but grief on XP—with legal OS! Unacceptable to change the rules as we play the game.
  7. Windows Sidebar. This implementation is even worse than Apple’s.
  8. Windows Indexing crashes about every 10 minutes, search is over rated and under developed.
  9. The MTV Urge service, why the heck can I not disable this? What is the registry hack to get rid of this?
  10. Vista is essentially adware. Ads for MS services are spread throughout. MS is definitely following Apple’s lead in the distribution of adware/crippleware.

Honorable Mentions:

No support for syncing Win Mobile 5 devices to do anything useful.

How do I get back the ftp integration in Windows Explorer?

Why do all the aps and services start with “Windows”? Are they concerned that I might forget which OS I am using?

User Account Controls.

Double Click/Single Click and when to use them.


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