Why Can No One Get Search Right?

Much hype surrounds integrated search features in modern OS’s; each claiming to work out of the box.  Not one works in any usable manner.  Not Spotlight, not Beagle, and not Vista’s search.  They are all to limiting–sure they work fine as app launchers–to work for anyone who actually needs to use search.

To be functional search must include everything…by default.  Give me buttons to filter by location after the answers are presented.  When I search I want to see what is in everything that I (as a user) have access to.  Network shares, config files, internet cache, everything.   Not just an arbitrarily defined subset.

And the search as you type must be discontinued.  This is a poorly implemented retarded idea whose time has not yet arrived.  Looking for documents related to carpal tunnel, I type C-A-R…the computer freezes as it searches the index for car…it finishes…I type P…it freezes again while it searches for carp…WTF?  Stop already.  You are wasting my whole day!

Still…Mac fanboys think Spotlight is perfect, MS apologists think Vista search is the greatest, OSS zealots believe Beagle to be the best.

But they all suck.  Isn’t the one of them worth the CPU it takes to build the index.  When will someone get it right?


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