Vista RC2

Been using RC2 as my primary desktop for a couple of days…must say that I am impressed…it mostly works as expected.  But it is fugly.  The UI needs work before release.  The non-Aero theme is nice, it is much less clownish than XP.  But Aero?  Crap.  Open media player and play a song, the song info is all fuzzy and ugly.  Open multiple windows, to tell which one is active look for what is supposed to be a shadow–but in reality is just blurry edges.  I am certain that MS has the ability to do better than this.

So it is my belief that MS MUST have some UI appeal up their sleave.  Some refresh that they are keeping hidden until release…..or is it just wishful thinking?

Come on Microsoft, get it together.  I am getting a little tired of making up excuses for your software.