Fracturing the net


More and more lately I’ve seen these sorts of “errors”. Usually kids, they think they are cute, or somehow getting over on MS. Personally. I use IE, Firefox, and Konquerer almost equally. I’ve been using Firefox since .7 and I generally like it.

There is a whole movement out there to get Firefox more support. I appreciate that, it is important that your browser not matter when surfing the net. That is the whole point behind net neutrality.

Then you have folks like the one linked above. Blocks content if you use IE. Then has the temerity  to state that “your browser is out of date” so I am blocking content. Puts the person in the same boat as people like my bank. I get steamed when someone pops up a window in Firefox stating that it won’t work, but if I tell Firefox to pretend to be IE, it works fine.  Now we have just the same but from the Firefox camp.  Sure, that’s how you beat them…

But to state that IE 7 is out of date, arguably the most state of the art browser out there, is pure and utter nonsense.

Isn’t the whole point of the internet to work in any browser?  If I use Lynx, the page should degrade nicely and be workable.  I don’t get it….

Edit Note: I removed the ornery attitude (swear words and personal attacks) from this post.