Apple at it again

 Edit: This post is based on FUD, it has turned out to be false.
What is up with the people in Cupertino? Now they claim they own the right to the word Podcast, see here. So what do they do? They sue more of their fan base. Is this how they think they can win friends and influence people? Is this how they think they can gain converts? Are they purposely trying to make themselves irrelevent?

Are we living through a repeat of the 80s? Will we be like the Mac fan base of today? 20 years from now, 19 years after the iPod was eclipsed by a better cheaper faster music device, will we still claim the iPod is the best? Will we be stating such nuttiness as [insert music player] stole from Apple, Apple was first, but they got ripped off? Are we doomed to repeat this nonsense?

I will never, let me repeat, NEVER, buy anything ever again from the Jackass in Cupertino. I’m sorry I am stuck with this iPod–I don’t even want to be sullied by these schmucks.